Xiaomi Sports Fanny Pack


Xiaomi Sports Fanny Pack


Sofort verfügbar

Sofort verfügbar

Lieferung 30.05 - 01.06.2023
  • Farbe: Schwarz

  • Abmessungen: 380 x 160 x 60mm

  • Gewicht: 0.29kg

  • Größe: 2.25L

  • Stoff Kunstleder + Stoff; Innenfutter: Stoff


Multiple storage layers

4 layers design, can store mobile phone, earphone, wallet, power bank and other daily necessities.

Waterproof design

The front material is anti-splashing, support grade 4 antisplashing, protecting the items in the bag from being wet, and the surface is easy to dry.

Easy to maintain

Choose outdoor professional materials, offer soft feeling and wrinkle free, easy to care

Customized High-end accessories

Use YKK custom zipper, the zipper is smooth to use. The clip is high quality and durable.